Waitlist Terms and Conditions

Junior Adventures Group is committed to providing continuity of service for all parents and their children who attend our morning, afternoon and holiday programs at OSHClub, Helping Hands Network and Primary OSHCare. We have updated our information relating to our Waitlist Terms and Conditions to help parents better understand this process.

Notify upon Vacancy

When a session is fully booked, we may enable a waitlist for that session. By adding your child to the waitlist for a fully booked session, you are agreeing to the following:

  • When a place becomes available for a waitlisted session, all guardians with a Waitlist Booking will be notified immediately via SMS and email that they now have the opportunity to book for that session.
  • Upon receiving the SMS, Guardians are responsible for making a booking. These bookings are first come, first serve.
  • Waitlist Bookings do not guarantee a regular booking for the waitlisted session.
  • Once a booking is created for the waitlisted session, all enrolment Terms and Conditions (OSHClub, Helping Hands Network, Primary OSHCare) and fees/surcharges applicable to regular bookings apply. Fees and charges specific to your service can be found on the Key Service Information Sheet by going to our brands' sites (OSHClub, Helping Hands Network, Primary OSHCare) and searching for your service using the search bar.
  • Waitlist Bookings do not consider siblings, and each child’s Waitlist Booking is individual for that child regardless of relationships recognized in the system. This means that when siblings are waitlisted for the same session but only one booking becomes available, the guardian may choose which child to make a regular booking for.
  • Waitlist Bookings are not available within the late booking period. The late booking period for your service can be found on the Key Service Information Sheet. To book for a session within the late booking period, please contact your service coordinator or our Customer Experience team.
  • There is no charge to add a Waitlist Booking.

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